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- Robot World 2007

• Special Session
Technologies for Achieving Field-Ubiquitous Computing
• Name
Akira Nagashima
• Affiliation Yokogawa Electric Corporation
• Abstract As the 21st century begins, globalization has become one of the key factors changing every aspect of the human society including world politics, economies and even our personal lifestyle.ˇˇManufacturing is not an exception. Although we have introduced various new technologies into automation systems, we have been bounded and trapped by the very traditional IA culture. It is one of the inevitabilities of history that we should start to enjoy the real benefits of information technologies, such as internet, world-wide-web browser and so on.

Ubiquitous computing promises to bring a lot of new benefits to our society -- in our homes, in our communities, and even in manufacturing plants. I am confident that ubiquitous computing is eagerly awaited on the plant floor and in the production field as well. I think there are a number of technologies required to make the field ubiquitous concept a reality. I would like to pick up two of them which I believe are the most important, and give you some details about them. These are IP instrumentation and Digital Plant Operation.

IP instrumentation is indeed the very key platform for this revolution but it is still just a prerequisite for a much broader change required. It is very important to adapt the business models and operational philosophy to the new platform in order to bring out the effectiveness of IP instrumentation. The digital plant operation concept is the key vision that ushers in this broader change.ˇˇI believe that Field Ubiquitous Innovation will realize collaborative production over the Internet world and bring operational efficiency to the next level.ˇˇ

It is my dream to enable such a new style of operations as centralized plant operation from the skyscrapers.



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